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The Healthy, Wealthy & Active Aging Podcast

Jun 3, 2019

Food mislabeling is rampant.  In the Truth about Cancer Volume 2, Further Dr. Veronique in her 7 point system for preventing and curing cancer states that food is your medicine.

Well if food is our medicine why aren’t we eating healthy nutritious food?  Simple, the food industry is shoveling lies down your throat literally. 

One of the biggest frauds perpetrated on the American public (my opinion) is the low fat, non fat “healthy alternatives”  artificial food.  The industry has removed fat that your body needs, and substituted chemicals and sugar to return flavor.  Imagine what it takes to make a soy bean taste like a hamburger.

Then to add insult to injury they sell you omega 3,6,9, tablets because you don’t get enough of these healthy fats in your diet,  Imagine!

So let’s take healthy fats out of the food, substitute white refined sugar which is a known poison and carcinogen, put in some artificial flavor and color, call it food then sell pills with fat in them because we took the out of the food,  HHMM Makes sense  right?

Look it is really quite simple, the disease rate in America is skyrocketing and the causes are obvious to all except the perpetrators who are happily profiting from your demise.  The challenge we face us twofold

1 the government appears to be complicit.

2, The effects are cumulative and take a long time to rear their ugly head,

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