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The Healthy, Wealthy & Active Aging Podcast

Apr 28, 2019

The Best Year Of Your Life

Health Challenge

What would be required to make this the best health year of your life?  For each of us, the answer is different.  We generally know what it takes to be healthy:  eat right, exercise, sleep, supplements, but again, for each of us, the starting point is different and the starting conditions aren’t the same.  You may be overweight or maybe not, you might work out 5 times per week, but maybe not.  So each of us has a different set of requirements but let’s agree on one thing Health is important.

Your Health

Without our health, we got nothing. Sadly as many know, you are on a collision course with destiny preordained by the food and pharmaceutical industry.  No matter your present age, If you follow a traditional western regimen, you will get sick.  It is not a matter of if, it is a matter of when.

Right now in what should be the healthiest system on the planet, 29% of all people are dead before age 65.  Many people live the last 10years of their life with chronic illness that are preventable.  One of the primary reason for “old age homes” is people cannot get on and off the pot without assistance.  This is preventable.  Alzheimer’s is on the rise along with cancer.  Type 2 diabetes are cardiovascular disease are rampant and growing in our society.  Yet we believe that based on Telomere shortening, 120 years should be easily within reach for most people and should come with good health.

We also know that many of these diseases are preventable or can be mitigated by being proactive and getting after your own health

It’s truly far easier and much less costly to prevent rather than cure illness. Especially major illness such as liver and kindly disease, cardiovascular disease and cancer.  So let’s get started.