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The Healthy, Wealthy & Active Aging Podcast

Mar 30, 2019

Success: What Does It Mean For You

Len Mooney here, the creator of the healthy wealthy and active aging society and the Ultimate Vision Workshop coming to you today from my home office overlooking the beautiful Pacific Ocean in Baja California Today I would like to discuss some characteristic of success and what it might mean for you.

Most people think of success as having money, or possessions such as a big house .  But is that really success?  There are many wealthy people whom I would characterize as having little or no success.  They have material possessions but have lost their family or their health (or both).

There is also the opposite.  Some of the poorest people in the world are also the happiest with close family ties, community and dignity.  What makes the difference. 

To me success is living the life you want to live with no regrets (except perhaps that it didn’t last long enough – it never does really, does it?)

If you leave your success to randomness, you will always be mediocre.  So what does it take to find and feel successful?

Let’s look at some characteristics of high performers, people who seem to be achieving a pinnacle of success in many areas of life

High performers deeply care about the difference they are making in the lives of others.  This is a characteristic that surfaces time and again.  Contribution is more important than financial reward. 

High performers are also not necessarily in it for the traditional rewards.  Sure, they care about financial rewards and trophies but not to the extent you might imagine.

High performers ask “How can I be of service here?  They are not asking what’s in it for me.  They work toward developing people, not just skills. Now don’t get me wrong, skills are vitally important but, people are the backbone of any business or endeavor.

High performance isn’t a natural strength, it is a result of specific habits

“When you knock on the door of opportunity, don’t be surprised if work answers”   Real success doesn’t come from doing what’s easy, right, or convenient.  It comes from trading in comfort and convenience for greater purpose and challenge.

It’s also not about being happy or not happy with what you already have.  It is possible to be wildly happy with what you have and still desire to achieve more and contribute at a higher level.

Jim Rohn taught us, “Motivation is what gets you started, habit is what keeps you going”  That led Brendon Burchard to write the book “High Performance Habits” of which he lists six habits that all high performers seem to have.  I am not intending to review Brendon’s book here but, suffice it to say there is great value there.  Brendon has spent the last 10 years researching and studying consistent high performers and identified six habits that are characteristic.  The first one is clarity which is really what I am discussing here.

Clarity, or as I call it, vision is essential to success and sadly very few people really have a clear vision of where they are going in life.

You live in a YOUniverse, you get to create your YOUniverse with your thoughts feelings, emotions and beliefs.  So create wisely my friend.

Let’s start with YOUR vision, your self-awareness.  You must know what your core values are, what your strengths and weaknesses are and, perhaps most importantly, where do you want to go.

Once you have this vision of where you want to go, then a specific plan for how to get there is essential

So do you know who you are?  Can you see, with clarity, the destination?   Are you clear about your values, strengths and weaknesses?

Do you have a clear vision of your future or is it a haphazard, ho hum, we’ll see what tomorrow brings strategy.  Most people are on a collision course with reality and it ain’t pretty.  Like a ship floating aimlessly at sea with no rudder or sails, the majority of people land on the reefs of life. 

So follow a different path from the herd.  If you follow the same path everyone else is on, you’ll get the same result that everyone else gets.  Following a different path requires non-conformity and boldness

Successful people do not accept conformity or mediocrity.  They plunge boldly ahead where no other men (or woman) fear to tread

Dean Graziosi advises us to think through what makes your heart smile and write it down.  To make a change in any area of your life, start with a first step.  Make a vision, a plan and write it down.  Confidence builds and doubt dies when your heart is aligned with your actions.

Operate with the philosophy that life happens for you, not to you and every obstacle is an opportunity to learn, develop new skill, and grow.

Finally SMILE! Success and high achievement demands you “put on a happy face” even in adversity.

A final thought from Marie Forleo, “Everything is figureoutable” so smile (it tricks your brain into thinking you must be happy) and go for it.  You deserve it.  Success is within your reach if you believe it is, plan for it and work to achieve it!