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The Healthy, Wealthy & Active Aging Podcast

Oct 21, 2018

My mission today is to help you understand the contemporary science that is opening the door to extended life with health. 

How would it feel if I told you that you could live past 100 maybe even 120 or 140 and be vibrant healthy and wealthy?  How would that make you feel? 

For the last 150 years science has taught us...

Oct 9, 2018

Imagine being very young, only 19 years old and being told you have cancer.  Imagine after multiple surgeries, and six months of chemo you are told you have maybe 3 to 5 years to live.  Imagine the chemo has made you sick everyday. your hair fell out, you are barely surviving with a feeding tube for sustenance.  Imagine...

Sep 26, 2018

The Challenge of Healthy Aging in America

We have a real and verifiable challenge when it comes to healthy aging in America. I am so sorry your parent is not feeling well.  I know you’re not feeling well either.  In the past you have reacted with disbelief when I told you that perhaps I could help.  Your comment was...

Sep 2, 2018

The Healthy, Wealthy & Active Aging Podcats #7

Alzheimer’s and Your Healthy Brain

One of the scariest propositions of old age is memory decline.  No one wants to lose the ability to recognize their spouse or children or get lost walking around the block. Many Alzheimer’s patients spend their final years in a rest...

Aug 15, 2018

The Challenge of Healthy aging in America

I am a water skier and snow skier and generally outdoors oriented.  I have been blessed to be healthy  even though I have had challenges but,  as one friend recently said, also stubborn. 

I would like to send an anonymous message to a friend. We have a real and verifiable...